Our Story

Established by creative director Stacey Wood in 2016, king & Tuckfield has been quietly spearheading in its approach to slow fashion, taking its time to build a meaningful business model based on provenance and integrity.

Stacey is the beating heart of the brand which she named after her grandmother Joan King, a ballerina hailing from East London, and her father, Graham Tuckfield, a tailor, paratrooper and miner from Yorkshire. 

Captivated by the pair’s sartorial grace and integrity from when she was a child, Stacey was inspired to create a brand that finds both its provenance and its purpose from the dichotomous style sensibilities of its namesakes and the uniforms of their respective careers in 1940s and 1950s Britain.

Fuelled by her childhood memories and finding constant inspiration from treasured family albums, Stacey’s collections are a harmonious amalgam of sculptural beauty and strength, manifested in meaningful and high-quality everyday clothes.

Each King & Tuckfield garment is a keepsake that stands the test of time. Merino wool, durable materials and hand-crafted fabrics form the foundations of the brand, contrasting the light layers associated with the delicacy of dance with the hardwearing properties of the selvedge cotton worn in the mines. Biannual menswear and womenswear collections are then enhanced with forever favourites that transcend seasons.

From inspiration to inception, the nurturing attributes associated with family inform the backbone of Stacey’s design process. Prior to King & Tuckfield’s launch in 2016, the designer travelled to New Zealand to personally source her Merino wool from local suppliers to ensure traceability, transparency and to support artisanal communities at source.

For her resulting collections, she has been uncompromising in sourcing regenerative materials which are made using non-toxic methods - including GOTS-Certified cotton,recycled material like Cupro and natural fibres containing natural rose-bush waste - as well as working with responsible manufacturers. Denim is sourced from a small Italian mill and hand-finished by a local community of independent weavers.

I found myself surrounded by people who were only bothered about selling, hitting crazy targets and making money, whereas I was always interested in doing things in a small, heartfelt and sustainable way.

~ Stacey Wood