Cupro is a plant-based fabric that’s rooted in regeneration. It’s a by-product of cotton production that puts would-be waste to good use. Cotton seeds are surrounded by small fibres known as ‘linter’ which are typically discarded because they’re too small to spin. In a process similar to creating tencel, these scraps can be mixed with a solvent and spun to create something new: cupro.

And its sustainable properties don’t stop there. The fabric is biodegradable, so it’ll naturally break down at the end of its life cycle. On top of that, we source our cupro from a trusted mill that operates on a closed-loop system to minimise its footprint.

Silky soft, lightweight, and naturally hypoallergenic – cupro is considered a vegan silk that boasts the same qualities, but without any trips to the dry cleaners. The garments can be hand washed, line dried and aired between wear.