Originally from Armenia and having embarked on his journey to Los Angeles approximately a decade ago, Ruben has previously collaborated with costume designer, Zerina Akers for Beyoncé Knowles, Fern Mallis for New York Fashion Week and more recently with King & Tuckfield on an exclusive online design available for pre-order.

How did you find out about King & Tuckfield?

I often find myself reminiscing about how I first stumbled upon King & Tuckfield. The story takes me back two years, during New York Fashion Week. In the midst of attending various shows and events, I decided to transform my outfit for the next engagement. I found myself in a bit of a wardrobe conundrum, as most of my pants were at the dry cleaners. So, I reached out to my ex-boyfriend, asking if I could borrow a pair of his trousers. He kindly offered me a pair he had acquired during his time in London. I wore those trousers to the event, pairing them with a Vivienne Westwood knitted polo and Margiela tab boots. The resulting ensemble was undeniably intriguing, and it was in that moment that I truly fell in love with King & Tuckfield. After delving into some research and discovering the brand's aesthetics, I was captivated by their unique style.

What inspired the specific design created for this project?

For nearly a year, I've been deeply engrossed in the creation of my "Blue Series," a collection where blue takes centre stage on my palette. Given my profound fascination with flowers and my belief in their enduring beauty throughout every phase of life, I embarked on a collaborative journey with the talented Stacey Wood to craft an illustration that would harmonise seamlessly with the brand's identity. In our quest for inspiration, we meticulously researched various ideas, ultimately setting our sights on the elegant cornflower. This native flower of England, with its enchanting shades of blue, became the perfect embodiment of our vision.

Were there any specific colour choices or symbolism behind the colours used in the design?

Primarily colours for the designs are Prussian Blue and also Burnt Umber.

A simpler childhood art memory I cherish is the time I spent creating colorful drawings on the sidewalkwith chalk. The best part was that our colourful creations would wash away with the rain, leaving us with a blank canvas to start all over again the next day.


How’s that puppy of yours? 

Lukas, our beloved puppy, has recently celebrated his 13-month milestone. The journey with him began with some initial challenges, as I had never had a pet before. However, as time has passed, my affection for him has grown exponentially, to the point where I'm now completely enamored. Witnessing Lukas's exuberant reactions every morning as he eagerly greets us is a heartwarming experience. I owe a debt of gratitude to my partner, Kevin, as we encountered some rough patches in the beginning, leading us to contemplate finding a new home for Lukas. It's a testament to our dedication that we persevered through those trying times, supporting each other in our commitment to him. Today, Lukas has seamlessly integrated into our family, and his presence is nothing short of heartwarming and adorable.

Where are your favourite places to visit and what do you like to do in your down time? 

There's a special haven in town that I hold dear – the Blue Bottle coffee shop. Its serene ambiance envelops me, allowing my thoughts
to wander freely. Sundays are reserved for exploration at the flea market, where I seek out intriguing subjects for my still-life paintings. I also cherish leisurely movie outings with my partner. In addition, my fitness regimen plays a vital role in nurturing both my mental and physical well-being, ultimately contributing to a more vibrant and balanced life.

Can you share a memorable childhood experience related to art?

A simpler childhood art memory I cherish is the time I spent creating colorful drawings on the sidewalk with chalk. On sunny afternoons, my friends and I would gather outside with buckets of vibrant chalk and let our imaginations run wild. We'd draw hopscotch grids, colorful flowers, and all sorts of imaginative scenes on the pavement. It was a carefree and joyful way to express ourselves through art while enjoying the outdoors. The best part was that our colorful creations would wash away with the rain, leaving us with a blank canvas to start all over again the next day. It was a delightful and creative way to spend our childhood afternoons.

Do you have any specific rituals or routines when you create art?

Embarking on a morning stroll holds immense therapeutic value for me. It's during these tranquil moments that I find my mind wandering into the realms of my next painting. I contemplate the intricate details of composition, the interplay of colors, and the ideal canvas size. This mental canvas of creativity begins to take shape as I return to my studio. Once within the sanctuary of my creative space, I meticulously weave these thoughts into reality.

The artistry that follows demands a substantial time investment; ever since I transitioned to working with oils, I've grown to appreciate the patience this medium requires. Oils take their own time to dry, necessitating a gentle cultivation of this virtue, which I'm actively striving to master. Typically, I dedicate at least 4 to 5 hours to each painting, allowing my artistic vision to flourish at its own deliberate pace.

Can you share a piece of advice for aspiring artists trying to find their unique voice?

Persevere steadfastly, even in the face of daunting challenges. To me, surrendering is simply not an option; it's as essential as drawing a breath. Painting is the very essence of my existence, and I draw my life force from it.