Food - Marcella

Marcella, located in Deptford, is the younger sister restaurant to Peckham staple Artusi, and they’ve kept the same format of a simple space, a small menu, and great Italian food. We’d suggest getting the artichoke starter, and then leaning on the pasta dishes - our favourites were the squid ink bucatini, and a spaghetti that’s drenched in an excellent sauce of chilli, garlic, lemon, and olive oil. Marcella

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Art - Charlotte Taylor's Imaginary Interiors

Artist Charlotte Taylor based in London. She has a long-standing obsession with architecture, interiors and design objects. She is interested in non-functional structures. Her drawings take existing architectural forms with the addition of fictional and playful elements.   Charlotte collects visual material from interior and design magazines combined with her personal photography. The spaces she imagines become an amalgamation of different architectural styles, drawing much inspiration from postmodernism, brutalism, and ancient architecture.  Charlotte Taylor >

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