King & Tuckfield



Merino is the perfect marriage of beauty and performance, it looks and feels amazing and is therefore no surprise  that it’s used from haute couture to military apparel. We are huge merino lovers. Because of its enduring elegance Merino is central to the King and Tuckfield collection.

 This unique wool fibre has many special properties;

-Natural elasticity
-Super soft and non itchy against the skin
-Keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer
-Easy to care for as it can be washed normally and rarely needs ironing
-Long lasting due to its outstanding resilience

King and Tuckfield Merino comes from the finest quality yarns and is sustainably sourced from New Zealand.


To keep your merino tee looking as fresh as it feels, wash inside out on a cold or wool setting with a mild wool detergent.
Never tumble dry. If you iron, keep it cool.